About Nurture

What is Nurture.Team?

This is a podcast where we learn from leaders on how to build and run great teams. The guests share their experience and wisdom on what makes great teams, leaders and culture. Thus a recipe to make work fun.


We all work in teams – often multiple. However, there is little consumable and actionable knowledge on what makes great teams, why individuals succeed in one environment but fail in another, how to improve team culture, what the first time leader/ manager should know about building high-performing teams.
Every other week Sujay is joined by 1-2 guests, including individual contributors, managers, CxO, and VCs to share about how to build great teams and leaders of the future. The guests are not restricted to tech companies.


We expect that the audience of our podcast will accomplish the below.

  • High-performing team: Build knowledge about what makes a high performing team based on industry, geography, stage of the company.
  • Leadership: How each one of us can become leaders and build a culture where every person helps to succeed every other person around them.
  • Remote teams: Challenges and best practices while working with remote teams.
  • Diversity: Discuss diversity and the role it plays for high functioning teams.
  • Community: We want to build a community where individuals, managers and leaders feel welcome to learn and share wisdom on improving lives of themselves and everyone around them.