Episode 09 – Composition Of A High Functioning Team

On today’s episode of Nurture.Team, the exploration we are going to have is:

Composition Of A High Functioning Team

  • What does it take to build a high functioning team?
  • How do you build a team which transforms itself at every stage of the company
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when hiring and scaling in the growth stage?

About the guest speaker

Guest for this episode is Vishal Sankhla

Vishal is currently a Director Of Engineering at Facebook. Earlier he has been a Product leader at Uber.

Prior to Uber he was a Co-founder of ViralHeat which was backed by Mayfield and had a successful exit to Cision. He lives here in the Bay area, California.

I wanted to know about the following: 

    1. What’s your definition of a high functioning team? Product and Engineering teams in particular. What are it’s traits?
    2. What are the unnecessary baggage you have seen the product team carries? What’s something that needs to be said to the product teams time and again so that they can cruise the product and company at optimum velocity?
    3. Is there any unit to measure a team’s functioning and output? Are there any metrics? How can one say it’s a high functioning team?
    4. What’s a common mistake you see which becomes a roadblock for a high functioning team? Do you remember any instance where you could eliminate the roadblock? How did you do it?
    5. What are Top “good culture” habits a both product and engineering teams should inculcate and pay attention to? Maybe, it’s applicable to other types of teams too.