Episode 11 – Job Title Vs Job Satisfaction

On today’s episode of Nurture.Team, the exploration we are going to have is:

Job Title Vs Job Satisfaction

We surely have seen a lot of folks who get caught up with fancy job titles and then there are others who do not care about what their title says – they just love what they do.

There is merit to having a title but when do you recognize that your job title isn’t fulfilling enough? What criteria you pick to may be “step down a level from your current role” and still stay happy in your next role? Is it alright for an individual to move from a VP may be a Director Role to even just a manager role? Does it affect their future prospects?

About the guest speaker

Guest for this episode is Zeesha.

Zeesha is Senior Engineering Manager at LinkedIn.

Previously she was the Director of Engineering at Branch Metrics, VP, Augmented Intelligence at Evernote, Oracle and Cybage. She holds MS and MSIT degrees from CMU. Zeesha lives in the Bay Area, California.

In this episode we discuss her journey which is pretty unusual in terms of progression of her designation. She explains how it all happened but also mentioned about a Popular blog she has written. Below is a link to that post.

My questions to Zeesha: 

  1. When we say Job Title, I am assuming the roles and responsibilities are part of it? Right?
  2. How do you measure job satisfaction? Is there a way one can measure it quantitative?
  3. Can you tell me what’s going on these days? Do job titles matter anymore?
  4. What’s the best way to know that your title may be really fancy but your responsibilities are not that great! Again, the pretext here is the job description said all the nice things which got you to sign up for the job, but you feel something is missing. In other words, how do you really evaluate a job while you are interviewing to come to a conclusion if that’s something you want?
  5. Let’s say you started in your new role and realize after few months that it’s not matching up to your expectations. You like the company, your team and esp your manager – So basically you want to stay but you are not satisfied with your responsibilities. What do you now? I want to make sure we cover one thing here – how can an individual evaluate they are not happy and build a realistic expectation in a large company.
  6. You were VP at Evernote, a Director at Branch. Now at LinkedIn you are a Sr Manager. Certainly the sizes of the company don’t match up. However, can you share if it was an easy decision for your to give up your VP title? How was that decision making process like?