Future Episodes

Here’s a list of topics we will want to speak to a guest in future. If you have suggestions with a topic or a guest, it will be a great deal of help to us. Hit us up on LinkedIn via our Nurture page or drop us a line at sujay @ nurture . team

Future Episodes which we will work on

  • Asking the right interview questions
  • I quit : Who do employees quit? Bosses, culture, boredom, stress or something else?
  • How to handle missed deadlines?
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Middle managers : How many are too many?
  • Handling under-perform-nance
  • Territorial boundaries in an organization : How to deal with it and still be make progress
  • How to survive when moving from a startup to a large company?
  • Demystifying Diversity for hiring managers
  • A 1 year walk through of an engineering org at a startup
  • Managing high performing employees
  • How to onboard a new team member?
  • How to spot for cultural fit signals while hiring?
  • Dealing with individual stress, team stress and company stress
  • Building an inclusive team
  • Supporting work life balance

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